"Olaf? You're...alive?"

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Our ‘Model Fridays’ muse for this week is Adriana Lima.
We’ll be posting images of her all day.You can vote for next weeks Muse in the sidebar on my other blog here.

Small Aurora in Central Sweden. Source: Ecocide (reddit)


@jeromeduran For those of you who liked the Ballet Series here’s a bit more Poetry in Motion ️ Disclaimer: Candice tells me she hasn’t used point shoes in 10 years…could have fooled me! Lol @angelcandices #balletseries thanks again @ingefonteyne @cgonzalezbeauty @shintaroteraoka !!!!http://websta.me/p/809645245341324949_238277516#vAczDairfo6yiIlc.99

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